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State-of-the-art finishing machines

Where the good old grinding stone used to be the tool of choice, advanced high-tech grinding machines are called for today – machines that work reliably and efficiently. To make sure that our customers always get the best possible results, we do not cease to keep up with the latest developments in surface finishing technology and our grinding machines are always up to date.

Precision fine grinding, efficient double-side grinding and thorough deburring

High precision is what matters most in fine grinding and our double-side fine grinding machines are the key to achieving this precision. We can fine-grind workpieces of a diameter of up to 800 mm as series parts and keep even the closest tolerances. We guarantee an optimum surface quality made precisely according to your specifications! Our double-side through-feed grinding machines deliver outstanding efficiency while extremely cost-effective. With an output of up to 9,000 pieces per hour, we can process even large-scale orders for double-side through-feed grinding expediently. Our single-side grinding machines allow the customised processing of your workpieces with maximum precision. We deburr your workpieces by brush deburring or vibratory grinding.

You can find an overview of our surface finishing machines on the following pages: