Feinschleifen, Feinschleifmaschinen - Doppelseitiges Planschleifen mit höchster Genauigkeit


High-precision double face grinding

Our range of fine grinding machines gives us great flexibility when processing workpieces made of all common materials. In order to deliver the best possible results to you at all times, we exclusively use machines made by renowned manufacturers. Our machinery equipment includes fine grinding machines with manual loading, with loading table, semi-automated machines or twin loader machines.

Fine grinding of workpieces with diameters of up to 1,500 mm

For precise double-side grinding, we use heavy-duty machines made by Peter Wolters, Stähli and Melchiorre. All of our equipment allows us to ideally adjust the machines to your process specifications and to thus ensure high production outputs. The workpieces are given an optimum surface quality and even the closest tolerances are observed. The difference between the machines lies mainly in their design and in the diameters of the respective grinding wheels. One of the machines is especially worth mentioning: Its grinding wheel has a diameter of 2,000 mm and it can process workpieces of up to 800 mm as series products or fine-grind workpieces sized 1,500 mm as single parts. We are the only contract fine-grinding company to offer these formats.

Fine grinding of various kinds of materials

With our machines we can fine-grind parts made of very different materials, be they steel and stainless steel, hard metal, cast steel, non-ferrous metals, ceramics and glass, or plastics and rubber. With our fine-grinding methods we are able to meet even the most stringent specifications with regards to workpiece quality. Come and challenge us! 

An overview of our fine grinding machines:

Fine grinding machines with manual loading
1 x Peter Wolters AC 700-H Grindingwheels - Ø 720 mm
1 x Peter Wolters AC 700-F Grindingwheels - Ø 720 mm
3 x Hahn & Kolb   ZL 800 Grindingwheels - Ø 790 mm
1 x Peter Wolters AL 2 Grindingwheels - Ø 941 mm
1 x Peter Wolters AC 1200-F Grindingwheels - Ø 1.160 mm
1 x Peter Wolters AC 1500-F Grindingwheels - Ø 1.534 mm


Fine grinding machines – with loading table
3 x Peter Wolters AC 700-F Grindingwheels - Ø 720 mm
1 x Lapmaster LFG 12 Grindingwheels - Ø 900 mm
1 x Stähli DLM 1205 Grindingwheels - Ø 1.225 mm
1x Melchiorre ELC 2000 Grindingwheels - Ø 2.000 mm


Fine grinding machines – semi-automated
1 x Peter Wolters AC 1000-F Grindingwheels - Ø 980 mm
1 x Melchiorre ELC 1500 Grindingwheels - Ø 980 mm


Twin-loaders & grinding wheels
1 x Peter Wolters AC 1000-F Grindingwheels - Ø 1.050 mm