Unsere Anlagen zum Entgraten und Bürstentgraten


Optimised workpieces for immediate use

Whenever workpieces are machined, burrs form. This phenomenon also occurs during fine grinding, double face grinding and face grinding. Burrs can affect the proper function of the final product and they also can create the risk of physical injury. This is why thorough deburring is an essential step in the manufacturing of parts. Our deburring machines made by Vobhag, Wolters, Rösler and Trowal deliver perfectly deburred parts. As a last step, the washing systems made by Bous, Perkute, Semmelroth and Erdmann ensure the final perfect cleanliness of the workpieces.

Vibratory grinding or brush deburring

Our brush-deburring machines made by Vobhag and Wolters are equipped with two brush heads, which significantly increases their efficiency. The Vobhag machines process the parts with the linear finish deburring method and the Wolters machines draw on planetary brush deburring systems. The machines made by Rösler and Trowal are vibratory grinding systems with rotary vibrators. Our continuous transport belt washing machines wash, preserve and dry the workpieces. After this treatment, the parts are ready for packing. Upon request we perform a visual inspection before packing the parts for you.

Whether it is brush deburring or vibratory grinding – you can count on our decades of experience in grinding technology. We guarantee expert advice and reliable, comprehensive and professional service.

An overview of our deburring machines and washing systems:

Deburring machines
2 x Vobhag Linear continuous brushing machine with 2 brush heads
2 x Wolters Planetary brush deburring system with 2 brush heads
2 x Rösler Vibratory grinding machine
2 x Trowal Vibratory grinding machine

Washing systems
2 x Bous Rotary washing system one-chamber system
1 x Bous Continuous transport system with conveyor belt one-chamber system
1 x Perkute Continuous transport system with conveyor belt three-chamber system
1 x Semmelroth Continuous transport system with conveyor belt four-chamber system
2 x Erdmann Continuous transport system with single suspension four-chamber system