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Double-side face grinding machines

Double-side through-feed face grinding

When many parts have to be finished in a short time, double-side through-feed face grinding is the method of choice. We finish large numbers of workpieces on our double-disc through-feed machines. These machines made by renowned manufacturers work efficiently, are extremely precise and reach an output of up to 9,000 pieces per hour.

Efficient and economical double-side face grinding with modern machinery

The parts to be finished on a double-side through-feed grinding machine are taken through the machine either by linear or rotary feed. The workpieces are guided through two rotating grinding wheels. Our double-side face grinding machines made by Diskus Werke ensure precise finishing in the 0.01 mm range and allow for a high output. This makes double-disc through-feed grinding both efficient and economical and is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized workpieces in mass production. Workpieces with a diameter of up to 500 mm, however, can also be ground with high efficiency. On the PLCs of our machines, the desired parameters can be individually adjusted. Although it is common for very thin workpieces to be deformed during the grinding process, our method of continuous double-side face grinding eliminates any kind of potential deformation.

Benefit from our flexible, economic and customised solutions and from our decades of experience in contract face grinding!

An overview of our double-side through-feed machines:

Double-side face grinding machines with linear through-feed
1 x Diskus DDS 900 PL Segment header - Ø 900 mm
1 x Diskus DDS 900 PL Grindingwheels - Ø 900 mm
1 x Diskus DDS 900 CL Grindingwheels - Ø 900 mm
1 x Diskus DDS 600 PL Grindingwheels - Ø 600 mm
1 x Diskus DDS 600 CL Grindingwheels - Ø 600 mm
1 x Bach DS 760 Grindingwheels - Ø 760 mm


Double-side through-feed machine with drag plate
1 x Diskus DDS 750 PR Grindingwheels - Ø 750 mm
3 x Diskus DDS 600 CR Grindingwheels - Ø 600 mm
1 x Diskus DDS 457 XRE Grindingwheels - Ø 457 mm
2 x Diskus DDS 457 CR Grindingwheels - Ø 457 mm
1 x Diskus DDS 400 CR Grindingwheels - Ø 400 mm
2 x Diskus DDW 400 Grindingwheels - Ø 400 mm